Why performance appraisal is important

The logic applied is simple to understand. Therefore, it requires giving and receiving feedback.

Importance of Effective Employee Appraisals

And if truth be told, these evaluations probably cause more angst than any other in organizations. By following the yearly data related to new hires and given sufficient numbers on which to base the analysis it is possible to assess whether the general quality of the workforce is improving, staying steady, or declining.

Communication forms the foundation for all lucrative business interactions. Development Needs The management understands that it has to take efforts for individual growth of the employee as well. Clearly defined goals, regular assessments of individual performance and the company wide requirements can be helpful in defining the corporate competencies and the major skill gaps which may in turn serve as a useful input for designing the training and development plans for the employees.

The success of an organization depends on every member, making training an integral part of continued success. Once identified, they are kept in mind while restructuring the training so that the problems can be avoided during the next recruitment.

The purpose of these appraisals can be looked at from two perspectives: By linking the performance with scope of promotions, incentives, rewards and career development. Employers try to track and detect phases in the entire work period where the employee must have worked less than his potential.

The only way to ensure this happens, is to track training and offer programs internally.

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The mere anticipation of a performance appraisal, for example, can create nervousness, anxiety and, to a certain extent, fear. Absenteeism and turnover rates in some organizations might be greatly reduced if more attention were paid to it. At the same time, from the employee's side, good work and conduct will help you reap benefits in no time.

Purpose of Performance Appraisals The purpose of performance appraisals is misunderstood today by both, the employee and the employer. Something you do when you can find the time. By providing a feedback to the employees on their current competencies and the need for improvement.

Recruitment and Induction Appraisal data can be used to monitor the success of the organization's recruitment and induction practices. The best way to ensure the right workers come together is to track individual strength and weaknesses.

As we feel that we work hard and give of our best criticism is a sensitive issue. Different workers bring their experience and strengths to the table, allowing projects to succeed with minimal delays.

The reviewer may also uncover issues that could be impeding employees from performing their best, and she can take corrective measures if necessary.

Read on to know the actual purpose of a performance appraisal. Identifies and remedies any shortfalls against these targets. And suppose that despite your best efforts, only five-percent of your customers were satisfied with the results that got from using it. Effective performance reviews or appraisals, (or what ever name you call them) have many benefits for the individual, managers and company.

Why is it then that many people still ‘dread’ them? Performance appraisal is a process and a means of setting goals, measuring and enhancing individual and organizational performance.

It also fosters professional and career development on behalf of ordinary staff members. Employee Performance Appraisal. Literature Review International county management association() states that almost all employees are eager to know how well they are doing in their jobs, but many dread the meetings in which their performance is to be discussed.

If yes, why? Find the most fundamental reasons and why this issue is more important than ever. Is reinventing performance management even essential? If yes, why? Why is reinventing performance management so critical and why is it picking up at such a pace?

Why Are Performance Reviews Important? Do They Really Work?

the traditional end of the year appraisal doesn’t fit or make sense for. In conclusion, performance appraisal is the managerial task of determining the work performance standard and deciding, whether the employee's task is as per the standard or not.

Defining the Purpose of Performance Appraisals

Jul 06,  · Phasing out performance appraisals and opting for an updated performance management may be a better alternative. This article will be useful in allowing managers to understand the frustration that employees may have with current performance appraisals, and .

Why performance appraisal is important
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