Religious unrest in nigeria

In addition, there exist few examples of wars waged for specifically religious reasons. Other barriers to a successful tourist industry include inconsistent regulations, widespread corruption and crime, crumbling roads and bridges, erratic telephone service, frequent shortages of fuel, electricity and water, and social unrest in some parts of the country.

Nigeria achieved independence in While religion can be used as a means of rallying support for violence, religious leaders regularly denounce such manipulations as contrary to the teachings of their belief.

By comparison with people in many other regions of the world, sub-Saharan Africans are much more optimistic that their lives will change for the better. He describes the traditional response in defense of religion as "draw ing a distinction between the religion and what is done in the name of that religion or its faithful.

Following the Napoleonic WarsGreat Britain established the West Africa Squadron in an attempt to halt the international traffic in slaves. They are the largest reserves found so far in Africa.

Religious violence

Other Findings In addition, the nation survey finds: In charts where there is an even number of countries in the list and there is no country exactly in the middle, the median is computed as the average of the two countries at the middle of the list e.

It is a fact that some notable politicians know they have sponsored some Muslims wrong in the creation of disturbance which soon degenerated into a massive war between the two bodies that lead to the deaths of innocent souls. In March, at least 75 people were killed in Maiduguri blastsattributed to Boko Haram.

Smugglers often use trucks to move migrants before they put them on boats for Europe. In its production of This leads to discrimination between the Christian and the Muslim giving rise to continuous clashes between these two religious main entities, as they try to gain importance in the scheme of things.

Demographics of Nigeria

On 29 May Abubakar transferred power to the winner of the elections, Obasanjo, who had since retired from the military. At the same time, there is substantial backing among Muslims and Christians alike for government based on either the Bible or sharia law, and considerable support among Muslims for the imposition of severe punishments such as stoning people who commit adultery.

Many Africans are concerned about religious extremism, including within their own faith. They produced a range of goods but did not substantially increase employment or industrial growth. Adherence to Islam and Christianity Large majorities in all the countries surveyed say they believe in one God and in heaven and hell, and large numbers of Christians and Muslims alike believe in the literal truth of their scriptures either the Bible or the Koran.

As Nigeria currently has tasted of both approaches, albeit under different formats, it still remains that another polylectic approach may be adapted toward fine-tuning a better conflict resolution model.

During the Enlightenment, religion began to be seen as an individualistic and private thing and that modern secular ideals like equality of all human beings, intellectual and political liberty were things that were historically promoted in a religious idiom in the past.

Within Christianity, these kinds of experiences are particularly associated with Pentecostalism, which emphasizes such gifts of the Holy Spirit as speaking in tongues, giving or interpreting prophecy, receiving direct revelations from God, exorcising evil and healing through prayer.

Survivors say they buried corpses. Between JanuaryMuslim-Christian tensions turned violent in Jos, with at least people killed and 18, displaced before the military restored order.

Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ebru Ozkan, 27, had been charged last week in an Israeli military court with passing hundreds of dollars to the Hamas terrorist organization, security sources said. The restraint or conquest of these states opened up the Niger area to British rule. In early January the deadliest single massacre to date was recorded as a series of mass killings were carried out by Boko Haram militants, destroying the entire town of Baga in north-east Nigeria, killing as many as 2, people.

Large numbers of Africans actively participate in Christianity or Islam yet also believe in witchcraft, evil spirits, sacrifices to ancestors, traditional religious healers, reincarnation and other elements of traditional African religions.

Neither Christianity nor Islam tells its followers to kill or maim each other. Ports provide facilities for exports and imports. His activities have also highlighted the struggle by French authorities to prevent Islamic radicalization in prisons, which have proved fertile recruiting grounds for jihadist fighters.

This leads to a false essetializing of both religion as being prone to violence and the secular as being prone to peace, despite the abundant examples of secular violence that have occurred. Most of all, Nigeria must cooperate more closely with regional actors and accept assistance from neighboring countries.

Religious violence is a term that covers phenomena where religion is either the subject or the object of violent behavior. Religious violence is, specifically, violence that is motivated by or in reaction to religious precepts, texts, or doctrines.

INTRODUCTION Religious Unrest is one of the central subjects of discussion in Nigeria.

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It is also one of the largest. Religious Unrest has been a topic of discussion in its right for over 20 years. Moreover, a huge variety of crisis in Nigeria relate to Religion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on July 11, Nigeria is located in Western Africa, and borders the Gulf of Guinea, between Benin on the west and Cameroon on the east. It has a compact area ofsquare kilometers (, square miles).

Analysis of the challenges of religion and ethnicity on political stability in Nigeria’s fourth republic () INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Basically, Nigeria is a plural society and heterogeneous in virtually all the facet of life. The Federal Republic of Nigeria, commonly referred to as Nigeria (/ n aɪ ˈ dʒ ɪər i ə / (listen)), is a country in West Africa, bordering Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north.

Its coast in the south is located on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic federal republic comprises 36 states and the Federal Capital .

Religious unrest in nigeria
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